The 20-bore shotgun has, in recent years, grown up. It is no longer a gun just for the ladies or old men well past their prime. In terms of weight, balance, handling and, most importantly, ballistics, the 20-bore has much to offer and can hold its own in the best of company. A lot of credit for this must go to the cartridge manufacturers who have upped their game by developing ammunition which exploits the advantages the 20-bore offers to the maximum. This month’s cartridge page celebrates their efforts.

credit: Archant


Two offerings from Eley Hawk, GBs oldest established manufacturer.

1. Grand Prix

Firstly, the legendary Grand Prix load in a 67mm plastic case with shot sizes 5 and 6. This cartridge is much more than just an established brand. Faster powders, harder shot and meticulous standards of manufacture ensure Grand Prix sets a pace for those seeking performance with every kind of 20-bore gun. Available in 25g plastic wad 5 and 6, £262 per 1,000.

2. VIP

Likewise, with the Eley VIP in 20-bore with 28, 30 and 32g shot loads, the small-gauge shooter is never going to be under-gunned. Ideal for the modern, grown-up 20g over-and-under with 2¾” chambers. Available in 28g, 30g, 32g plastic and fibre wad 5 and 6, £267-£323 per 1,000.


The Hull Cartridge Company is a market leader in the ammunition industry with state-of-the-art production and a highly skilled and enthusiastic team behind it, always leading the way in new technology to produce cartridges with optimum performance in their class.

3. High Pheasant Extreme

Their High Pheasant Extreme load in 20-bore is a perfect example. A small-gauge shooter who wants to hold his own in any company would do well to load his gun with these cartridges in the coming season. A real stopper on high birds, in a 70mm case with fibre wad and expertly formulated hardened shot, this cartridge kills cleanly and so humanely. Manufactured by a company of game shooters for game shooters, the know-how that goes with this ammunition is 
second to none. Available in 28g and 30g plastic 5 and 6, £279-£285 per 1,000.

4. Three Crowns

Hull Cartridge Company may be a high-tech manufacturer, but there is still room in their product line for tradition. Three Crowns is a paper-case cartridge with fibre wadding and it delivers great patterns. No exercise in nostalgia then; the component parts may be made of traditional materials but the modern methods of manufacture and quality control ensure this cartridge delivers to 21st century standards. Available in 25g fibre wad 6, £297.50 per 1,000.


A company that never stands still and is always pushing the envelope of shotgun cartridge performance.

5. Black Gold

This 20-bore load is a perfect example of their expertise – a combination of double base propellant powders with the company’s diamond hard shot. A prize-winning cartridge in 12-bore, the smaller gauge version is similarly effective on gamebirds at range. 
For the small-gauge shotgun shooter who wants to hold their own on the highest birds, it is a natural choice. Available in 30g, 32g and 34g fibre wad 4.5 and 5, £299-£335 per 1,000.

6. Traditional Game

Game shooting has its 
traditions and in the UK use of lightweight game guns made by British makers is one of them. 
With low recoil and high pattern density, Traditional Game is a cartridge that utilises these classic guns’ fast handling qualities and balance to their best advantage and at the same time provides performance with comfort for the shooter. Available in 24g, 28g 
fibre wad 5, 6 and 7, £236-245 
per 1,000.


Italy’s largest and oldest manufacturer, the company’s product line encompasses every category of ammunition and a wealth of knowledge and experience is brought to all of them. Fiocchi 20g-bore ammunition is no exception and I’ve been evaluating two examples.

7. 20HP

As its designation suggests, this cartridge packs a wallop. A 2¾” case with a 30g shot load, this cartridge is ideally suited to the modern over-and-under gun and any fear of being outperformed by 12-bore shooters can be discounted. It complemented a 20-bore Browning I have been shooting recently, and for range and pattern this 20-bore load has few rivals. Available in 28g and 30g plastic wad 6, £247 per 1,000.

8. 20g Magnum

Taking big performance to small-gauge ammunition a stage further is Fiocchi Magnum. These loads come in a 3” case with 1¼oz shot load and, again, its performance was outstanding and with less recoil than its 2¾” stablemate. Available in 35g plastic wad 2, £420 per 1,000.