I need help finding a good Game and Wildlife apprenticeship course. The Sparsholt team replies...

Q: How do I go about finding a Game and Wildlife apprenticeship?

THE SPARSHOLT TEAM replies: Contact the Sparsholt Apprenticeship Team at apprenticeship@sparsholt.ac.uk or telephone 0845 850 0916. An application form will be sent and, on receipt, an invitation for 
an interview and assessment will be arranged with the College. This will identify requirements of the individual and suitable shoots currently advertising for positions, as each year a number of employers make contact to source an apprentice.

Employers can gain assistance with advertising vacancies and the recruitment of apprentices. However, if you have an employer who is willing to take you on as an apprentice, we would make contact with them and help you secure a position on our apprenticeship programme.

Apprentices will be supported by dedicated Apprenticeship Liaison Officers who are always at hand to support individuals though the whole process.

Should you wish to talk through the process in more detail, contact Dave Ballantyne, Game and Wildlife Apprenticeship Assessor at dave.ballantyne@sparsholt.ac.uk or call him on 07738 754420.