A new App, that is free to download, has just launched. The Shoot App has a host of fantastic features designed specifically for shooters, and is part social network, part planning tool!

The Shoot App, a new app 'created by Guns, for Guns' was launched on Tuesday 17 September, and is now available to download free of charge on the App Store and Google Play.

Created by keen game shot Robert Dubsky, The Shoot App is described as a private social network for people who game shoot, as well as an all-in-one app for Guns - part social network, part memory bank, part planning tool. Users of the app will be able to 'Gun request' their contacts who shoot, thereby creating a list of fellow shooters and allowing the user to send direct messages, form syndicates, arrange days, invite Guns to a shoot, recommend shoots and share photos, videos and notes of shoots attended.

Users will also be able to enter all their shoot days (past, present and future), along with photos, videos and notes to share with the rest of the team, all logged to the shoot calendar and fully searchable.

Another interesting feature is the Digital Game Card. "Too often, traditional game cards end up in the side pocket of the car or in the bin, or last-minute changes to the guest list mean that pre-printed cards have to be awkwardly changed by hand," explains Robert. "The Digital Game Card allows shoots to enter all the details, which the host can then confirm via the app with one click. This is then distributed, again via the app, to the rest of the team and automatically filed against that day's shooting for future reference. Alternatively, the Digital Game Card can be updated manually at any time, along with the details of the bag.

"Although the app does not sell days, pegs or introduce Guns to shoots, a search function allows users to find new shoots, with filters for location, quarry and bag size, and the option to recommend a shoot to others. Users can also export their shoot calendar to their smartphone calendar.

"This app has been created to act as a helpful tool for the shooting community and creates a private platform for friends to communicate and enjoy the sport we love. We're being supported by associations and we too are supporting them, with a clear objective of donating a percentage of income to them once the company starts making a profit."

Features of The Shoot App:

* Gun request' friends and contacts to create a private list of 'Guns'

* Create multiple syndicates

* Create a diary of shoots

* Add photos, videos and notes to your shoot days

* Digital Game Card

* List of shoots with shoot bio and quarry options - 1,400+ shoots listed at launch

* Filter shoots based on quarry, bag size and location

* Recommend shoots to Guns/syndicates