A review of Blaser’s new F16 gun - how it feels, how it shoots, how it looks...

Blaser caused quite a stir at the British Shooting Show in February with the launch – complete with flame cannons – of it’s all-new shotgun, the F16.

There are two models – the F16 Game and F16 Sporting (the latter distinguished by a red logo) – and visually the gun looks very contemporary and stylish: restrained but purposeful, as you would expect from the German Brand.

With the lowest profile receiver on the market, the F16 boasts an exceptionally low centre of gravity, which is designed to enhance pointability. This is boosted by the accentuated, semi-rounded action design, devised using an innovative monocoque construction.

Besides the intuitive pointability, the newly developed tapered rib supports the peripheral vision of the shooter and results in a faster target acquisition. The Triplex bore design and the proven Blaser ejection system (EBS), which cocks the ejectors when the gun is opened, allows the shooter to focus on what is really important: hitting the next target. The fast mechanics and a crisp trigger pull (1,650g/3lbs 10oz) allow for a fast transition from thought impulse to ignition.

Modern production operations, the use of high-strength materials and the technological perfection Blaser is so well known for, promise to make the F16 a highly reliable and long-lasting shotgun for the range, or in the field.

The Sporting version, which weighs just over 7lbs 8oz, is available with 30” or 32” barrels, while the Game version weighs approximately 6lbs 13oz. and is available with 28” or 30” barrels.

We have only had a couple of hours on some Sporting clays with the game gun so far, but first impressions are excellent. The stock dimensions appeared to be pretty good for our group of assorted sizes. The gun felt lively and pointable, but not too fast to start and stop. The trigger was a delight, and recoil felt very well controlled, even in this lighter gun and with a variety of loads.

All in all, this has the potential to be a great success for Blaser – opening up a wider area of the shotgun market below the well-established, but significantly more expensive, F3. However, it will have a serious fight on its hands from established favourites such as the excellent Browning 725 and Beretta 692.

We will be bringing you a full gun test as soon possible, so watch this space.

RRP: from £2,550

www.blaser.de for stockists