A selection of Christmas gifts that are perfect for deer stalking and fox shooting enthusiasts...

credit: Archant

Finnlight smock - Beretta

Designed with deer stalking in mind, this smock is perfectly at home on the wildest of winter days and promises to keep the hunter within warm and dry while out in the elements. The garment is cut longer so you won’t get a wet bum if you sit down, a large binocular pocket at the front, articulated shoulders for freedom of movement when getting into position and one of the best hood designs we’ve ever come across – it has an internal rim that holds the hood in place, ensuring clear vision at all times. Available in sizes XXS-4XL.

RRP: £199.95


credit: Archant

3HGR sling - Viking Arms

This awesome sling allows hunters to use trees, poles, beams and any other vertical object as a shooting rest to support improvised shots when out stalking. A light and unobtrusive bit of kit if you are planning to be out for a long time, the 3HGR also doubles as a harness to evenly distribute the weight of your rifle across both shoulders, making carrying the rifle much more comfortable, keeping it safely out of your way, and leaving your hands free. A great choice if you hunt in areas that make the use of other supporting gear challenging, such as thick undergrowth, steep angles or very uneven ground conditions. It is also great used in conjunction with a bipod.

SRP: From £36


credit: Archant

Shooting sticks - Rifleman

Not all shooting sticks were created equal, and the sturdy yet lightweight Rifleman tops the table in terms of functionality and ease of use. The clever one-hand operational height adjustment allows you to swiftly and accurately respond to your target, or support the rifle for longer periods while waiting for the right moment to take that shot. The sticks feature a detachable V-yoke and fully integrated mounting screw to secure cameras, scopes, binoculars, laser rangefinders and almost any other mountable device. They have universally impressed reviewers with fantastic functionality at an achievable price point. Available in bipod and tripod versions.

RRP: Tripod, £95; Bipod, £80


credit: Archant

Scout TK handheld thermal imager - FLIR

If you know someone who is seriously into their foxing and doesn’t yet own a thermal imager, you will make yourself very popular indeed by popping one of these in their stocking! Priced at the more affordable end of the scale, the Scout TK is a pocket-sized thermal imaging monocular that will detect animals over 100 yards away. It comes with a rechargeable internal power supply, providing a runtime of up to five hours, and features a choice of user-selectable colour palettes, as well as instant image capture and video recording via a 12?m sensor. Give your favourite foxer the edge this Christmas!

RRP: £559


credit: Archant

Dagger Olive - Browning

You can’t beat a really beautiful knife housed in a proper leather sheath. A stunning gift for any stalker or outdoors enthusiast, it strikes that elusive balance between usefulness and aesthetic appeal that every Christmas shopper is searching for. The Dagger Olive from Browning just has that wow factor and the air of quality you would expect from this trusted brand. With a 23cm, 8Cr stainless steel fixed blade and a gorgeous, warm olive wood handle, it would make a good choice for larger deer species. Those bright orange jobbies are useful, but this knife has real class about it. The lovely leather sheath tops this pretty package off nicely.

RRP: £131


credit: Archant

Fleece jacket - Blaser

Sitting out waiting for a fox or a deer can be a chilly business, and an extra fleece layer beneath your jacket can make all the difference to your comfort and enjoyment. This one from Blaser is also super smart and will make a great gift for the foxing enthusiast to unwrap come Crimbo morning. Lightweight but extra cosy, it won’t bulk you out too much when trying to take a shot. It is also completely noiseless so you can maintain stealth, and features a stand-up collar to keep the chill off your neck, two zip pockets, an inner pocket, an adjustable hem and really smart styling! What more could you want in a fleece? Available in olive or dark chocolate in sizes S-4XL.

RRP: £120


credit: Archant