Waterproof dog coats with a soft, warm fleece lining are now available from Dedito, from just £28!

credit: Archant

Countryside brand Dedito is delighted to launch its new line of dog coats, perfect for owners of working dogs who want to keep their furry partners warm during rest time, after working in adverse conditions or swimming, or on particularly miserable days in the field when the action is slow.

The Dedito dog coats (£28.00) are crafted from a robust and waterproof nylon outer lined with a warm fleece inner, making them ideal for canines on chilly days and for keeping any dog warm and comfortable when they’re drying off after working, walking or a swim!

Dedito founder Dario Martina is a lifelong dog lover and it was his beloved Weimaraner Dodi (kennel name “Dedito di primavera of Weimar’s Joy”), who inspired the brand’s name and even appears in its logo. It was long days spent working Dodi in the UK’s wild mountain and moorland landscapes which led Dario to begin importing sturdy Italian-made leather boots to sell to friends and other shooting connections. The success of this led to Dario developing his own boots designs, and thus the Dedito brand was born. Now the brand sells several styles of country boots as well as wellingtons, walking gaiters and socks and other outdoor lifestyle accessories.

Dedito founder Dario comments: “Dogs are a central part of my life and I strive to ensure mine are healthy and happy at all times. Keeping them warm when they are working and enabling them to rest and recover in comfort afterwards is key to their health and longevity. That’s why I’ve designed dog coats which are waterproof, durable and warm. I’m delighted with these dog coats and hope that Dedito customers (and their four-legged friends!) are too!”

The Dedito dog coats are available in forest green or black and in sizes 16,18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 (inches, measured from the collar/base of the neck to the start of the tail).

The coats are available to purchase now on the Dedito website!