Determined not to waste a minute of the year, Terry Doe is looking for the input of readers to make Airgun World a bigger and better magazine in 2017 for you aigun enthusiasts out there

Inside the issue:

The Editor’s Test: FX Streamline

Gary Wain tests the heftier .22 pellets

Gamo Camo Rocket

Rat hunting with some nifty new NV gear

What is ‘dieseling’?

The Webley Raider 12 Classic

And much more!

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Editor Terry Doe says:

Daylight is precious at this time of year, so everything has to be packed into the shortest days. With photography time and publishing schedules condensed, it makes for a hectic, sometimes utterly bonkers, working month or two here at Airgun World, yet the rewards are always there. At least the long nights allow plenty of time for reflection, writing and planning to be so much more efficient for the next issue.

For about a zillion, ever-changing reasons, that efficiency always seems to escape me, but I still manage to enjoy my share of magical moments as the winter months unfold.

Shorter days dictate early starts and I’ve been out in the woods at first light for every day of rifle testing, often camping overnight during fishing and hunting trips. I experience the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of the countryside as it transitions through the cold night and meets a new day. I’ve been spending nights outdoors for most of my life, but it’s always a privilege to have the first experience of any dawn.

Please don’t imagine spending a night or two in a bivvy under the stars is a trial of endurance for the modern outdoors chap. Such may have once been the case, and I had my share of those, but not any more. I kip on a super-comfy, perfectly-sprung folding bed, inside a sleeping bag that keeps me toasty no matter how cold it gets beyond the twin skins of my cosy shelter.

I also have a fantastic espresso machine for that coffee kick-start in the morning, and my campside cooking facilities allow me to create a full-on roast dinner, should the fancy take me. Add a rewarding glass of red when the shooting is over, a replenishing fire and the satisfaction of doing a job I’ve loved for decades, and those winter nights under designer canvas simply fly by.

The winter solstice has passed and, minute by precious minute, the days are already extending their grasp on our world. With the whole of 2017 before me, my New Year resolution was simple – I’ve sworn never to waste a priceless, irreplaceable minute of it.

Finally, because this is the first edition of 2017, may I wish every reader the very finest New Year. Your continued, and I’m delighted to announce, growing, support for this magazine is truly appreciated, and it always will be.

Airgun World is built around what its readers have requested over the years, and it’s that formula that makes it the most successful of its kind. Please continue with your essential input to what we do for you. As we head toward our 40th anniversary, we’ll do our best to keep improving. Thanks again, everyone, we literally couldn’t do it without you.