These feeders from Nordic Gamekeeper are remotely controlled by an app called FeedCon - new to the UK, they could be a big game changer for gamekeepers!

If you were at the Game Fair this year you may have spotted some rather impressive-looking feeders from Swedish company, Nordic Gamekeeper.

Nordic Gamekeeper is bringing its ingenious feeders, which can be controlled remotely using an app, to the UK for the first time.

The company has developed FeedCon, a revolutionary technology which allows feeders to be controlled and monitored from the comfort of your home.The FeedCon app, which is intuitive to use, allows you to set specific feeding times, or follow sunrise and sunset. You can also look on the map and see where your feeders are placed and the status of them, as well as receive information on what animal activity has been seen around the feeder. FeedCon has a level indicator and will send an alarm to the app when the food is running low. You can also connect your trail camera directly to the app.

The feeders are powered by a rechargeable battery housed in a secure compartment, and a solar panel can be fitted to charge it.

They work well in cold weather, have a wide distribution radius, are robust and have a unique construction of a ‘collar’ that prevents water and moisture from reaching the spin plate.

The technology has been a huge hit on the continent, where it is often used on boar-hunting estates. Magnus Sivander, wildlife manager on Hjulebergs Estate in Sweden, said: “The best thing about FeedCon is that I can run my feeders from home and know that there is always food for the wild boar. When we are planning to hunt I put in some extra feeding times the day before, so I know the boar will stay in the area.”

Game manager Stefan Bengtsson added: “FeedCon simplifies our work and saves us many hours. When feeding poultry it is important to use the right amount of food on a daily basis. I can control all of this even though I travel a lot. I use the app on my phone and am able to control and check that everything is working as it should.”

The FeedCon technology can be bought separately to use with an existing feeder, or as part of a complete feeder set with three different size options: 280 litres (74 gallons), 500 litres (132 gallons) and 1,000 litres (264 gallons).

We have one of the units to test and will bring you a full review once we have had a chance to fully road test it.

RRP: from £719 inc VAT for a complete feeder; £189 for the FeedCon unit; £369 for a feeder kit