Food Standards Agency

As of 1st January 2006 it became a requirement by the Food Standards Agency that all shot deer must to be stored at 7�C or below and for all shot 'small game' (i.e. game birds) to be stored at 4�C or below. If you are selling game to a game dealer or supplying other customers with game you need a game larder or cold room. Once your game larder is installed you will need to register with your local authority as a food business under the new legislation.Summary of FSA rules:Game must be chilled in a larder to no more than 7�C for deer and 4�C for small game - this is a legal requirement from 1st January 2006Shoots must be registered as food businesses with your local authority and comply with the general hygiene requirements (EC No 852/2004 Annex 1). Ask for the "Food & Safety Team"A trained person must carry out an initial examination of all game supplied. Training courses are arranged by BASC and the NGO, and once trained the individual will be provided with a certificate of training.Deer and game must be tagged or traceable with labels to its originUnskinned deer must not be frozenThe cold chain must be maintained during transport between larder and the processor. For more detailed information please contact the Foods Standards Agency There are a number of game larder suppliers in the UK – look in the back of Sporting Shooter or visit for additional information.";s:14:"groupHeaderAl