In a bid to help clear up confusion surrounding the alternatives to lead shot, the Royal Berkshire Shooting School and BASC are holding a sustainable ammunition day on June 15.

This day will allow Guns to learn all about the alternative ammunition available, specifically steel, with the chance to try a selection of steel cartridges using their own gun (all client guns will be assessed before being used).

"This is intended to be a relaxed but informative experience, to give people the opportunity to try the ammunition under qualified supervision and learn the capability of steel shot, under the guide of a member of the BASC team. Each session will last approximately one hour," said a spokesperson. 

Booking is simple, just visit the BASC booking page at the below link, book your session and pay just £12. Please note all bookings for this event must go through BASC, the Royal Berkshire cannot take payment.
Please make note of the below points if you are wanting to participate: 
All attendees should be experienced shots and are required to bring their own 12-bore shotgun. 
Please ensure that your gun is choked to half, quarter or cylinder before attending. If you are in any doubt about whether your gun is capable of safely firing steel we suggest that you consult a gunsmith before attending. 
Participants will shoot a selection of stands that recreate game shooting scenarios and be accompanied by a BASC coach. 
When you have finished your round of approximately 25 clays you will have an opportunity to ask questions about sustainable ammunition and discuss any other questions you may have with BASC regional staff.