This brilliant nipple drinking system from Collins Nets will help you in your quest for a more hygienic rearing environment...

Good husbandry and high levels of hygiene for kept birds is a hot topic right now, what with the lingering threat of bird flu and the need to lower our use of antibiotics. The Plasson nipple drinking system from Collins Nets is suitable for pheasants, partridge and poultry from day-olds to release, and helps in our quest for a hygienic rearing environment and, consequently, healthier birds.

The closed water system means it can’t become contaminated and also minimises water loss, and the absence of an external header tank stops the water getting warm.

The ingenious little drip trays prevent spillage resulting in drier bedding. The easy to clean system also has a pressure regulator so you can vary the pressure of the water as your birds age. Each kit comes complete with 20 nipples and drop trays suitable for use for up to 500 chicks, and includes everything you need including a water pipe and hanging cord.

RRP: 1x3m line kit: £160 (ex. VAT); 2x1.5m line kits: £170 (ex. VAT)