What does “covering your entrances” mean in relation to deer and fox shooting? Deano Harrison, top foxer, explains...

Q: Last year, Deano wrote about taking the time to look for your ‘entrances’ onto the areas you are covering when sitting up. What did he mean?

DEAN HARRISON replies: The more you get to know your ground, the more you will discover that deer and foxes will often emerge from the same places. These are your entrances. All wildlife (like us) will take the easiest route – it can be as simple as a gateway.

Using your fieldcraft to build up your knowledge, go and check areas you have spotted them coming out when shooting – it could be a hole in the fence, a gap in the undergrowth, coming out of a wood or through a hedge. You should be able to tell if these are being used regularly, as it will have a well-used run going through it.

There is also other information to look for, such as tracks in wet weather, hair caught on a fence or a bit of bramble. Very often where we are, these runs are used by badgers, so bear in mind that just because an area is being well used it doesn’t mean your deer and foxes are coming out every night.

Getting to know these entrances will help you spot a fox sneaking out at last light. It’s all these bits of knowledge that increase our chances.