The LED Lenser H14.2 head torch, tried and tested...

Anyone who has dogs to deal with will know how difficult the simplest of tasks can be during the long, dark winter months. Trying to pick up poo, get dogs back on leads or fed while also holding a torch so that you can actually see, is annoying to say the least. You really need both hands free, so a head torch is the ideal solution.

This winter, I’ve been testing the LED Lenser H14.2 head torch and I am seriously impressed with it.

This new, improved version of LED Lenser’s top performing H14 head lamp has been made more ergonomic, more comfortable and more convenient to use.

In the past I’ve found head torches very uncomfortable to wear, but that isn’t the case with this one. The straps are thick and comfy (no scratchy or bumpy bits) and having the over-the-top strap means you don’t need to overly tighten the side bands to keep the torch in place (which in turn means no weird indentations or marks on your face when you take it off, so fewer strange looks from people!).

It’s easy to use, with a simple power switch on the side and a dial on the battery compartment, which allows you to adjust brightness or flashing frequency with a simple twist.

The lamp itself can be angled via several satisfyingly ‘defined’ positions to suit the task in hand, and on full beam the Xtreme Power LED provides a truly illuminating 350 lumens – more than enough for dog walking in the dark, deer work... it is probably even powerful enough to use when out lamping rabbits, especially as the beam itself can be widened or focused tightly, simply by twisting the lamp. This is thanks to the Advanced Focus System (AFS), Speed Focus, and Smart Light Technology, which offer a variety of functions, including signal.

The torch is powered by four AA batteries (a rechargeable model is also available) and can also be attached to a belt, clothing or to the multi-functional holder.

Now I’ve got this head torch, I don’t know how I coped without it and I’d recommend it to anyone who has jobs to carry out, dogs to walk or deer to prepare on these dark winter mornings and evenings. Just be careful where you store it, as on a couple of occassions I’ve gone to take it out of my glovebox only to realise that it has accidently been switched on when stowed away, as the side power switch is fairly prominent and easy to press.

RRP: £84.95

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