On ground that you can only shoot over on foot, you will need a suitable rucksack to help with carrying the shot game... Andy Crow offers advice on his favourite bag

Q: I have some new ground that I can only shoot over on foot – can you recommend a suitable rucksack that I can use to transport foxes and rabbits?

ANDY CROW replies: I use big pigeon decoying rucksacks from Jack Pyke. They are strong, comfortable and very good value and can be hosed out. I recently managed to fit about 80 pigeons in a single load but let me tell you, even a dozen rabbits will slow you down big time on a walk around. A decent adult will weigh 3-4lb. A dozen is the equivalent of about three stone! A large fox can weigh 25-30lb, too.

Unless you only plan to shoot small numbers, you might want to deposit them at strategic points and then collect them on your way back. And for large numbers, maybe something like a plastic carcass sled that deer stalkers use would be easier than a backpack?