Legendary Swedish Survival expert, Lars Fält, will share his incomparable outdoor knowledge, particularly in relation to knives, in English by partnering with Casstrom Publishing

Building on the success of their range of knives and outdoor equipment, Casström AB has launched Casstrom Publishing. The company was born from a clear market need to translate and publish the popular “Uteliv” books by Swedish survival expert Lars Fält. The series is called “Outdoors the Scandinavian Way”.

Lars Fält enjoyed an illustrious military career. He founded the Survival School of the Swedish Armed Forces, where he instructed generations of the Swedish military in survival and outdoor techniques. During his time in the military, he also spent time studying the outdoor skills and techniques of indigenous peoples and military special forces from around the globe, and developed a network for exchanging this knowledge.

Having retired from the army, Lars is now passing on the knowledge and experience he has amassed over the decades in a series of books that have attained cult status in Sweden. Now, for the very first time, his books are available in English. In this age of social media, and a world of factually dubious online content, Casstrom Publishing firmly believes that books of this nature are vital in ensuring that the experience and knowledge of a renowned outdoors expert are available to the public, and that the content is reliable.

Based in Swedish Lapland, Casström AB is a company with a passion for the outdoors, and an ethos based on respect for nature and an understanding of the importance of educating people to use knives in the right way. This philosophy connects well with the books by Lars Fält, and displays a firm commitment to sharing the concept of Outdoors the Scandinavian Way with a wider audience in the rest of the world.

Having worked together on the ‘Lars Fält’ range of highly regarded outdoors knives, Casström and Lars Fält are delighted to be renewing their successful partnership. As David Cassini Bäckström – the CEO of Casstrom Publishing – said: “We are excited to be involved in this project, and feel that the fantastic knowledge that Lars Fält has really should be out there in English”.

Casstrom Publishing

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About Lars Fält

• Author of over ten books on the outdoors and survival skills – written during his military career and after he retired from the Swedish army

• Co-Author of ‘Out on the Land’ with Ray Mears

• Founder of the Survival School of the Swedish Armed Forces

• Has worked alongside special forces around the world, including participating in the SAS survival course in UK and the SERE course of the U.S. Army Special Forces, at Fort Bragg, NC.

• Qualified as a Canadian Ranger whilst serving in the Swedish military

• Co-designer of a number of outdoor products with different companies, among these a range of outdoors knives bearing his name, both fixed blade and folding together with Casström.

• The organiser of the first International Survival Instructors Symposium, which today lives on under the name Global Bushcraft Symposium. The event had participants such as Mors Kochanski, Ray Mears and Tom Lutyens. The Global Bushcraft Symposium is a global event for outdoors experts.