How many times have you been on a driven game shoot and, after the first stand, forgotten what number peg you are on for the next drive? Nick Ridley Photography has come up with a solution in the form of Peg Pullers – a set of finders.

Each set of finders contains either eight or ten tags complete with real leather lanyards, all supplied in a drawstring bag. When pulling your peg numbers, simply put the tags in the bag with the lanyards hanging out. The Guns can then use the lanyards to pull out their number.

The Guns can hang the tags around their necks (the lanyard is long enough to tuck the tag into a breast pocket) and after each drive they simply look at the next number on their tag to find their next stand.

The tags are made from lightweight aluminium and are fully weatherproof and scratch resistant. And if you lose a tag, individual replacements can be printed for a small fee.

There are five designs to choose from and the tags are customised according to how many drives you require and how many pegs your Guns move up after each drive (normally two or three). The shoot’s name can also be added.

RRP: �30 for an eight-Gun set or �35 for a ten-Gun set.

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