We put the Pro Clean system to the test and discover a brilliant way to simplify your gun cleaning kit and routine while ensuring your gun gets the care and protection it deserves

By now, you've probably heard of Pro Ferrum gun 'oil' (it's not really an oil at all, but more a multi-tasking super fluid). It was launched last year and quickly became super popular, and it's easy to see why - the ultra-fine fluid emulsifies water, lifting it away from sprayed surfaces, while also cleaning and lubricating exceptionally well and leaving a fine protective film. It can be used on both metal and wood, breaks down old grease deposits and rust, and won't bind with grit or dirt to form that abrasive compound that can damage the workings of the gun. So, you really don't need anything else in your cleaning kit apart from rods, wads and mops, which, if you're anything like me, will be a grubby bundle of disorganised chaos.

Enter the Pro Clean cleaning system! This kit consists of a two-piece aluminium rod, an adaptor and 25 little felt discs available in either 16-, 20- or 12-bore size. Along with the Pro Ferrum fluid, which is included in the Pro Clean kit, that's your entire gun cleaning kit bag sorted. It's extremely simple to use and gets even simpler over time. The rods screw together, the adaptor screws onto the end of the rod, and the felt disc screws onto the end of that. Now you're ready to go.

To clean the gun, you just spritz Pro Ferrum inside the barrels, insert the rod and felt disc, and move it up and down, twisting it as you go (pretty much how you would use a normal cleaning rod). The beauty of this system is that it negates the need for bronze brushing first, which always makes me wince a bit! The felt discs and the Pro Ferrum get all the grot and residue out without the need to brush, removing a step from your classic cleaning routine and another bit of clutter from your cleaning kit.

As mentioned earlier, your routine should simplify further over time thanks to the protective film Pro Ferrum leaves behind, which prevents further build up. So, every time you use Pro Ferrum, not only are you removing all trace of dirt from your barrels - you are also reducing the amount of time, energy and felt discs required for a great clean in the future. For wood, just spray Pro Ferrum on and give it a quick wipe with a cloth, and you'll find it leaves a nice sheen and will also protect it from rain next time you're out in the elements. Job done!

I am a huge fan of the Pro Clean system. After visiting the new Sportarm at West London Shooting School a little while back to see it in action, I actually went and purchased one for myself. I'll admit (shamefacedly) that I am horribly lazy when it comes to gun cleaning, but I can honestly say that I put it off less and less nowadays thanks to the ease and simplicity of this kit. Give it a go... your gun will thank you for it.


Pro Clean Kit (incl. rod, adaptor, 25 felts & Pro Ferrum fluid), £59.99. Available EXCLUSIVELY from Sportarm here

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25 replacement felts, £7.99. Buy online here

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