MIKE YARDLEY takes you through his new Natural Shooting System

... with Mike's new Natural Shooting method

Each month in Sporting Shooter, MIKE YARDLEY takes you through his new Natural Shooting System, designed to help you unlock your true potential and shoot to the very best of your natural ability...

So what is natural shooting all about? As the name implies, it’s about finding a natural way of shooting for you: a natural way to stand, a natural way to use your body and swing the gun, a natural way to apply forward allowance in different situations.

Natural Shooting advocates three basic techniques for applying lead:

Positive Shooting. This is neither swing-through or maintained lead but has you unconsciously beginning with the barrels on the bird. Point and Push. Point at the bird and push in front of it without lingering. This is an incredibly easy method to learn and is the conscious version of Positive Shooting, and naturally leads on to it. Maintained lead technique, for situations when you need to buy time in competition when a bird is very fast or when two birds are in the air at once and one disappears quickly.Mike Yardley's Positive Clay Shooting This clip is taken from Mike Yardley's DVD 'Positive Shooting', copies available from Mike at �24.95 inc p&p. Email yardleypen@aol.comWatch more Sporting Shooter videos here �

Watch Mike break a crossing clay in slow motion:

Mike's book, Positive Shooting, video and DVD are all available from him direct on yardleypen@aol.com

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