There can be a lot of confusion surrounding vaccinations for gundogs, so here our gundog vet Vicky Payne gives us her opinion on yearly vaccinations...

Q: Does my older Labrador need vaccinations every year? I read they only needed them once every three years, but my vet has just sent a reminder card. She is nine years old, but still comes out wildfowling with me.

VICKY PAYNE replies: Most vaccines against distemper, Parvovirus, and Hepatitis will protect an adult dog for at least three years. The kennel cough vaccine and Leptospirosis vaccine only protects them for 12-15 months so an annual revaccination is recommended.

Leptospirosis vaccination is particularly important for gundogs who work in water which might be contaminated. Leptospirosis can cause kidney and liver failure and can be passed to humans (Weil’s disease). It can be treated with antibiotics and supportive fluids, but is also potentially fatal – in both humans and dogs.