Why are so many stalkers using smocks instead of zip-up jackets? Is there something I’m missing here?

DOM HOLTAM replies: Smocks are definitely very popular with stalkers – particularly the ones with a long rear flap for sitting on and a big binocular pocket at the front. But they don’t suit everybody. The best coat for you is the one that best suits your personal needs and budget. Think about the type of stalking you do, the kit you always carry and the time of year you are most likely to use it and try to find the best match in terms of breathability, waterproofing, colouration and cargo capacity. There are some brilliant coats and smocks on the market ranging from the very affordable to the incredibly expensive and in all manner of camo patterns and colours. Get down to your local gunshop or a big show like the British Shooting Show in the new year and try a load out for size.