BSSC welcomes police acceptance of informal training

BSSC welcomes police acceptance of informal training

The British Shooting Sports Council has welcomed police advice to firearms licensing managers, which recognises the validity of informal experience of deer stalking by Firearm Certificate applicants. “We have been concerned that some forces have continued to seek evidence that applicants for deer rifles have taken training courses such as DSC1,” said BSSC Secretary David Penn. “Home Office guidance requires licensing managers to ensure that applicants are experienced with firearms, but does not insist that they are formally trained,” he commented.

The matter has been raised with police representatives at BSSC’s regular meetings with the Police and Home Office, and now the Association of Chief Police Officers has issued guidance to licensing departments that informal experience of shooting deer is as valid as formal training such as DSC1 and that each case should be individually assessed.

“It is encouraging that ACPO have taken this step,” said David Penn. However, he added that the BSSC will continue to monitor police attitudes towards the gaining of experience by new applicants for stalking rifles. “I anticipate that this will continue to be on the agenda for some time to come,” he said. 

Common deer stalking ammunition

Photos are in the correct proportions

.243 round (pic: Hornady)

.270 round (pic: Hornady)

.308 round (pic: Hornady)

30-06 round (pic: Hornady)

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