I’m thinking of travelling overseas to shoot. Can I ask what, if any, documentation I need to do so?

DON BRUNT replies: It depends on where you are heading. If you intend travelling to Europe you will need to get an EFP (European Firearms Pass) which you can apply for from your local licensing department. This is, in effect, a gun ‘passport’ and will be valid anywhere within the EU. If you are thinking of going to America then you will need to get an invitation letter from a range or governing body and fill out the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Dept) form which can be found online. For those hoping to get to Dubai next year for the Nad Al Sheba shoot you will just need the paperwork from the event organisers.

However, make sure you carry your licence with you at all times and be aware that the guns have to go through fairly time consuming checks and processes at UK airports for the outbound flight so allow plenty of extra time (at least an hour) on top of your usual check-in times. Procedures at your destination can vary from the gun coming out on the carousel with your luggage through to having to report to security to collect it so don’t count on a rapid getaway at the other end either.

Finally, the gun will again have to be checked at Customs when returning to the UK on the homeward bound flight.