Ruby Holtam - Dom’s ridgeback - tests Futures dog food

Dogs are complex creatures and yet we can end up taking a convenience-based approach to feeding them. If it’s cheap and readily available, and the dog isn’t overtly upset by the food, it’s good enough. Or is it?

Ruby had been pretty good on her food since puppyhood, but one thing that does upset her is excess protein in dry food. The truth is, as a senior girl, she doesn’t need the same kind of diet as a three-year-old working dog, and when recently we had to substitute a different brand of food as hers was no longer available locally the results were obvious. Upset stomach, loss of condition – enough to get us worried.

I remembered then the Futures brand of dog food we reported on a few months back. With no hidden extras, the hypo-allergenic, all-natural recipes offer easily-digestible protein and a combination of ingredients designed to be totally beneficial to your dog’s health. At least that was the promise – but what about the reality?

I have been feeding the turkey and potato for the past few weeks and Ruby has been excellent on it. I appreciate this is a subjective judgement and I can understand those that ask: “But how can you tell?”

One thing that I would say about Ruby, much as we love her, is that not only is she exceptionally flatulent (even by my own very high standards!) but it has become a standing joke that she must invite her mates over to use our back lawn because there is no way one dog can produce that much crap!

Since shifting to Futures, both of these issues have improved. Not only is she less likely to clear the living room with her sleep-farting, but she is definitely producing less ‘by-product’. For me, that means she’s getting more out of her feed and that makes it better value for money, too.

She looks to be back in great condition and although never the calmest of dogs, she is exercising well and sleeping like a log. All in all, I have been impressed enough to stick with this diet going forward – I just wish I could find something that worked as effectively on me!

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