Novice shooter Emily Damment takes the ITUS recoil shield out and puts it to the test, to find out if it helps the recoil caused be her wobbly gun mount

Though most of us with an established gun mount will suffer minimal recoil issues, on days when you are firing more shots than usual (a simulated game day, for example) a recoil pad can offer some relief and prevent bruising.

I tested the ITUS Recoil Shield from A1 Shot at Lains Shooting School, putting 50 28g cartridges and some hefty foxing loads through a standard over-and-under and an old side-by-side, the latter of which kicked like a mule.

Bearing in mind I am a novice with a very wobbly mount, I can report not a hint of tenderness at the end of it all. Plus, this beauty is just 6mm thick, meaning it didn’t interfere with the feel of the gun in my shoulder pocket. The material, Armourgel, hardens on impact; the greater the impact, the harder it works. I would highly recommend this for both novice shooters, and for experienced shots who want to protect themselves on a day when high bag numbers are expected. (For details of the technical genius behind the ITUS shield, visit and click on Armourgel.)

RRP: £39.99