The small but mighty Little Squirrel rifle, from Chiappa Firearms, gets full marks for its’ simplicity and robustness.

Lightweight, foldable and comfortable to carry, the Little Squirrel single-barrel, single-shot rifle from Chiappa Firearms of Italy is the perfect camp and survival rifle for hedgerow, pest and small-game shooters.

Distributed by Edgar Brothers, the robustly built rifle has an all-metal construction with a simple break action making it extremely tough in the field.

The Little Squirrel features a carbon steel barrel, an external hammer and a wire stock with 12-round cartridge holder. It also incorporates a fixed front sight, a rear sight that is adjustable for height and windage and a threaded muzzle, meaning moderators and optics can be fitted if required.

Weighing under 3lbs, the Little Squirrel is available in .22 LR in an 18.5” barrel length, which also features a quad rail picatinny and comes with a nylon carry bag, and in 9mm Flobert with a 24” smoothbore barrel, which can be used for pest control inside barns and farm buildings thanks to the low-powered 9mm Flobert cartridge. The rifle can also be accessorised with a hammer extension and a pistol grip with integrated cleaning kit.

This lightweight, well-balanced and compact .22 LR is the perfect ‘camp rifle’ and its ambidextrous controls make it suitable for both left and right-handers. Simple to use and striking in looks, the Little Squirrel rifle has everything a hedgerow shooter could possibly want at a great price and is perfect for dispatching pests, such as squirrels, and small game, such as rabbits.

MSRP: £181.50 in .22 LR; £193.05 in

9mm Flobert.