Eye dominance issues plague shooters of all skill levels and ages. If you have been struggling with eye dominance problems and want to improve your shooting, why not give the new Shoot SP a go?

Eye dominance is possibly one of the most common problems experienced in shooting sports - and it plagues us all, from beginner to top shot. Some shooters suffer from eye dominance problems without even realising it, but many of us know from personal experience that long-term eye dominance issues can have an extremely negative effect on your shooting.

So we were excited to hear about a new product that would soon be hitting the market, promising to subtly solve the eye dominance issue. The makers of the Shoot SP eye dominance solution were on hand to explain more:

How does THE SHOOT SP work?

The SP is attached to the gun barrel. Once the gun is in the ready position, the SP can be seen by the eye over the barrel, but not the other eye. You don't look at it directly; it's seen in your peripheral vision. The SP tells your brain to use the image seen by the eye over the barrel, rather than the conflicting image from your other eye. It ensures that you always see the true image of the target with the correct eye - so now your focus can be on technique and not on trying to solve eye dominance issues.

For clay shooting, the SP is a great way to improve your scores. Even seasoned competitors can't always tell which eye creates the shot picture, but with the SP, the eye over the barrel always controls the gun. Many shooters (although they might not realise it) see two sets of barrels in their peripheral vision when shooting, which makes the true target picture harder to see - unless they're using the SP.

The SP also comes into its own for game shooters, and its discreet design allows it to go unnoticed. Some of the comments back from game shooters have included "this has been my best season yet" and "I am back enjoying my shooting". There are other options coming in the SP range allowing personal commissions to match your gun, with lightweight metals and engraving.

New users are advised to start with targets such as incomers or crow style clays and not to question the shot (otherwise you'll look at the gun and stop your swing to check). It might take shooters a little time to feel comfortable using it, but the long-term benefits are significant: and the more they use the SP, the better the results.


Scott Barnett has four England badges and coaches at Mickley Hall Shooting School. He reports: "The SP is our coaching solution for solving eye dominance in shooters who want to shoot with both eyes open. We've seen great success across all levels of shooters - from beginners right through to a shooter who has moved up to AAA in ESP.

"We have shooters who see an instant change, but if a shooter has been shooting for 20 years with one eye closed, a little time is needed for them to cope with all the new information they are getting from having two eyes open. I'd recommend everyone to try it."

Ian Cunliffe, a shooter, has been using the SP for eight months and says: "The SP has helped my eye dominance, especially when I'm not quite on it or feeling tired." Using the SP has given Ian personal bests, with 100 ex 100 on Skeet and 96 ex 100 on ESP.


The shooter who designed the SP had become increasingly frustrated when his shooting results stalled. He realised that the underlying problem was eye dominance, but he couldn't find an effective solution anywhere - so he set about developing his own.

He wanted to find something that was discreet, lightweight and effective and wouldn't distract the shooter. It needed to provide total control of the eye on the gun, and to be usable whether shooting gun down or gun up. He therefore started producing various prototypes using the latest 3D print technology. These were based on research that shows how the brain uses different types of information.

He also worked with a Professor who understands the underlying issues of eye dominance in sport. It seems that relatively little research has been done in this area so far. It's taken 12 months of development to achieve the optimum shape. The SP was finalised and tests have been carried out to collect scientific data to underline its effectiveness and its uses in other fields. Patents are now pending in markets throughout the world.


- Masterclasses on the SP are now available for coaches

- The standard SP costs £59.99 and includes fitting instructions, advise on use, hints and tips, a wipe, and a reusable tin

- Personalised, engraved versions are also available and can be designed to suit specific guns


The SP is available online from www.shootsp.co.uk and from selected outlets (listed on the website)

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The SP is currently available at the special introductory price of £30 at all outlets and on the SP website!