My clay shooting scores have been falling and I haven’t had my eyes tested in a while... could that be the reason? Ed Lyons offers some expert advice

Q: I went for a full eye test and bought the suggested shooting glasses about six years ago, but just lately my scores have begun to suffer a little. I’ve had everything else checked, including gun fit, and all seems fine. Should I return for another vision check-up and how regularly should I be testing my eyes? I am a 53-year-old male.

ED LYONS replies: Typically, guidance for adults is to have a comprehensive eye examination every two years, although if there is any history of conditions like diabetes, cataracts or glaucoma, the frequency can be every six to 12 months. The eye examination is a very useful tool for assessing health in addition to ensuring you’re seeing to your full potential. In order to shoot well, it is important that we control as many variables as possible, and as you have checked the rest, I think it’s time for you to reassess the visual aspect.

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