Ryan and Alison Kay test the Fjällräven Övik Curved trousers (hers), and the Fjällräven Barents-Pro Trousers (his)

Ryan’s review of the Fjällräven Barents-Pro Trousers

When I reviewed Fjällräven’s Sörmland Pile Jacket last month, I mentioned a pair of Fjällräven’s Vidda-Pro Trousers that I’d bought back in January. Very tough and well designed, these Barents-Pro are practically the same, but with an unfinished leg. This, for lanky sorts like me, is a godsend. Finding adequate trousers suitable for a life outdoors that fit well in the leg is a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully, Fjällräven seems to cater very well for the taller gent!

Looking through their website, you notice a material that features heavily with many of their garments: G1000. This is a very durable polyester/cotton blend and to say that these trousers are made up of just one layer of this material is incredible, because they are extremely tough. I was a little too relaxed when clambering over some barbed wire, and scraped down the inside of my leg with a barb, before looking down and expecting to see a nice new rip – but nothing. I’m not saying they won’t rip, but this material is very hard-wearing.

Extremely densely woven, it proves to be windproof, especially when you apply the recommended Greenland Wax.

As a cargo-style pant, the only places where the material does double up is on the rear and the knee. They also have a slot below the pre-shaped knee area, to insert some pads if you want a bit more comfort when knelt down.

There are 13 different colours to choose from, including the usual dark olive (pictured here). Plus, despite there being no rear pockets, they do boast six other pockets, including a map pocket, a knife pocket and an axe pocket! Robust and well made, they should last.

Available sizes: EU44-60

RRP: £115

Alison’s review of the Fjällräven Övik Trousers Curved

We’re desperately trying not to look like Harold and Hilda here, but while Ryan has his own problems, seeking out trousers long enough for a 35” inside leg, us ladies can be faced with different challenges when pursuing the right clothes suitable for the field. Short of being kitted out in bespoke shooting attire, I sometimes see women turn up beating or shooting in a pair of dark jeans, or maybe to cover the jeans, over-trousers, on what may be quite a warm day. It can be down to the lack of available options for women who are required to trample through the same brambles as the guys.

Fjällräven has several choices for ladies trousers but I was recommended to try the Övik Trousers Curved. These are specifically designed for women with curvy figures. The curved fit is definitely more generous over the thighs and rear, and the waist is supposed to be more emphasised than that of other trousers available. The back is slightly higher and because of the fit they don’t feel too tight when bending down. Also, the G1000 material used here is slightly more refined than Ryan’s Barents-Pro trousers, the Öviks use a ‘silent’ version of the material, giving a softer finish.

I tested these out while we were away walking in the Derbyshire Dales at the end of March. Ryan did me the courtesy of melting-in an extra waxed layer, so I was prepared for the unpredictable spring weather. While these are not waterproof, they did feel very windproof with the added wax, and although the weather was kind during our walks, I’m convinced they’ll certainly hold off a sharp shower or two. I found them to be very comfortable and practical, while looking smart enough for most scenarios.

Unlike Ryan’s Barents-Pro, the Öviks have two rear pockets, and just one leg pocket, which suits me, as I’ve no need to hide some big ninja knife and head for the hills! At 5’ 7” I’m not the tallest, nor the shortest woman to be found gracing the beating cart, but should I be a six-footer, these trousers would also suit, as they too come in a raw leg length, with a handy little pack of the same matching tough cotton, if they need to be taken up. Here, I’ve simply turned them up for the time being. These trousers will certainly take me through most of the British spring weather, but I may be opting for some of Fjällräven’s waterproof-style trousers when the really cold, wet weather sets in.

Available in five different colours, including black and dark olive.

Available sizes: EU34-46

RRP: £100