Countryside Alliance secures recognition for gundogs and hunt kennels in Welsh dog breeding guidance

The Countryside Alliance has ensured the particular way working dogs are kept is recognised in guidance for local authorities granting licences under new dog breeding regulations for Wales.

The government document covers accommodation and environment, diet and nutrition, normal behaviour (which includes the socialisation of puppies) and health and welfare, and includes special mention of gundogs and hunt kennels.

Government officials attended hunt kennels with Rachel Evans, Countryside Alliance Director for Wales, as part of a fact-finding visit during the winter months, where they were able to witness at first-hand the unique situation of hounds kept as packs.

Rachel Evans said: “I am pleased that our work has contributed to the guidance that will be issued to local authorities in Wales. The regulations cover those breeders who produce more than two litters of puppies in a 12-month period and most of our members, whether breeding gundogs or hounds, are unlikely to be affected. However, for those that are, there is now a mechanism in place for recognising the ways gundogs are kept and the unique situation of hunting hounds kept as packs.”

The guidance states “It should be borne in mind that some dogs, such as working gundogs due to their type and nature may be kept in accommodation other than that which is laid out in the guidance. Each individual situation should be considered on its own merits. Hounds kept at hunt kennels are pack animals and therefore should be housed together”.