We’ve got a footpath crossing a woodland on our shoot. We’ve been told that we need to maintain it so that people can walk through unhindered. Are there any regulations we need to adhere to?

JONNY CROCKETT replies: The first thing to do is to work out whether it is a simple footpath, a byway or a bridleway. Essentially you need to maintain it in the same way, just to different dimensions. By law there is no minimum width to a public right of way, but a guideline is to ensure that for footpaths it is kept clear in a 2m x 2m channel. This should be treated as a minimum. For bridleways you should increase the minimum to 3m x 3m. You should also be aware that if there is a ditch or stream to cross that safe passage is possible for those who require wheelchair access (Disability Discrimination Act (1995)). British Standard 5709:2001 will also be able to give you advice on Gaps, Gates and Stiles.