MasterChef finalist Lorna Robertson will cook grouse in front of crowds at The Game Fair on Saturday 29 at 2pm

Lorna Robertson will prepare and cook grouse in the kitchen on the BASC stand at The Game Fair, held at Hatfield House on Saturday at 2pm.

“I love cooking with grouse, mainly because it’s delicious and I love eating it,” said Lorna, who stormed through to the final week of this year’s BBC Masterchef programme after winning over judges with dishes based on game – including grouse, pigeon, venison and pheasant.

“Grouse is fantastic to cook with as it has such a strong, unique flavour. Also, I am a big fan of fruit and meat and grouse is perfect when paired with something sweet and fruity like redcurrants, blackberries or plums.

“I have chosen to cook grouse at The Game Fair this year because we are so close to the Glorious Twelfth and young grouse will soon be back on the menu once again.

“Often, people are keen to eat grouse but are unsure of how to cook it, or are scared of ruining such a prized and delicious bird. It’s really very simple to do well with a couple of clever tricks that I’ll be sharing at my demonstration.”

Lorna’s demonstration will form the basis of a BASC ‘Tweet and Greet’ event at The Game Fair.

Visitors can watch Lorna’s demonstration and sample the final dish while meeting fellow Tweeters using the hashtag #tweetandgreet

BASC chairman Peter Glenser said: “Lorna is well known for her enthusiastic, hands-on approach to everything she does and will I’m sure go down a storm with @BASCnews’s thousands of followers on Twitter. I’m looking forward to seeing what she will pair with the grouse.”