Epsiode 1 of our new weekly mini-series on Shooting & Country TV; Andy Crow’s Pigeon Shooting Tips for Beginners starts with How to Build a Hedgerow Hide

Our new playlist on Shooting & Country TV - Andy Crow’s pigeon shooting tips for beginners - is made up of footage we found in our archives, that is still as relevant today as it was two years ago when it was originally filmed in conjunction with UK Shoot Warehouse.

This short series will cover hide building tips, pigeon decoying tips, the best kit for pigeon shooting, and tips for using flappers and rotaries.

First up, we have how to build a pigeon hide (1), which will focus on how to build a hedgerow hide, and we’ll follow this next week with how to build a hide (2), which will focus on how to build a field hide for pigeon shooting.

If you’re after something made for the more experienced shot, check out our “Pigeon shooting with Andy Crow” playlist, where you can watch Crow in action as he tries to keep the pigeons and crows off his crops (“Pigeon shooting with Andy Crow” is a monthly series, so keep an eye out for new episodes!).