Dom Holtam explains the best ‘in-ear’ solutions to use when out and about shooting on the clay grounds or in the field

Question: I always wear ear protection on the range and when zeroing but don’t when stalking as they are too bulky and I always forget to carry compacts or if I do, to put them in. Are there any better solutions?

Dom Holtam replies: A year or so ago I did a feature on ‘in-ear’ solutions. The Siemens model I tested is not marketed now in the UK, but CENS offer some excellent custom-moulded plugs that can be comfortably worn all day. Plus, with electronic plugs, quiet ambient noise can be amplified which might be useful in the high seat or when stalking – but anything over 85dB is reduced by the device. They aren’t cheap, but ‘passive’ moulded plugs are much less expensive than the electronic versions and just as comfy. It doesn’t solve the problem of you forgetting to put them in though!