Simple tips and tricks to improve your airgunning.

credit: Archant

We can’t all be airgun boffins, and some of us don’t want to be out on the training range every spare minute we get, but I’m sure most of us would like to be that little bit better at what we do, or get that much more from our airgun shooting. That’s why we’ve got together with some of the most knowledgeable shooters, hunters, plinkers, tuners, and all-round experts from the world of airgunning, to bring you those easy, practical upgrades any of us can do.

We know that these ideas work, because we’ve tried them ourselves, and we know that, if you try them out, you’ll see genuine improvement. The plan is to build on these proven tips and tweaks, until, month by month, we’ll see our abilities rise, taking our enjoyment right along with it.

There’s a huge resource of knowledge and experience among our readership, and we’d like to tap into that by asking you to share those little things that have meant a lot to your airgun shooting. Please, send us your top tips and quick wins, via the usual addresses, and we’ll put them on the page. Trust us, you can do this!

credit: Archant


Lots of modern air rifles are fitted with adjustable butt pads, these days, and this tip will help you to get the most out of them. It takes seconds to do and costs just a few pence, but it can really make a difference to your results, and that’s exactly the sort of tip we like. If your rifle doesn’t have an adjustable butt pad, consider having one fitted, because they can help significantly with gun fit and eye-scope alignment.

Most shooters will find that their adjustable butt pad provides perfect shoulder contact when moved to accommodate the standing, kneeling and prone stances. Tightening the movable section of the butt pad to a sliding fit allows you to shift it by hand, in a second, to set it in position for the stance you need.

credit: Archant


Begin by buying a packet of self-adhesive stickers, and place one in the centre of your butt pad. Then, adjust the pad until it’s perfect for the stances you use, and apply a sticker, lined up with the central one, to provide an instant reference. Mark the sticker to show the stance, and you can instantly adjust your butt pad to the ideal position, every time. Easy – and so effective!