Q Is it possible to properly repair a gun with a cracked stock? I have a nice old Wilkes boxlock that has a crack right through the hand and I can’t afford to re-stock it.

A DIGGORY HADOKE replies: Re-stocking mid-quality boxlocks is rarely cost effective, as the stocking is likely to cost more than the gun is worth. Depending on the break, a repair can be done, usually involving the cutting out of the section of the hand under the guard strap, leaving the sides as thin veneer, then fitting in a new piece of wood and screwing and gluing it tight before re-finishing and replacing the furniture. It is not perfect but this kind of repair, if done well, does allow an extended life to a gun that would otherwise be scrap. The bad news is that the cost of such a repair is likely to be around £700; so it’s still not a cheap option.