Whether you’re new to the sport or you just want to brush up on your gun storage knowledge, follow our essential guide to ensure you manage your firearms properly and avoid breaking the law.

1. You must fix your shotgun cabinet within your home and not in an outhouse or your garage

2. Ensure your cabinet is sited out of view of people both inside and outside of the building

3. Only licensed people should have access to shotgun cabinet keys

4. Do not hang cabinet keys where they can be found by unauthorised people - this includes family and friends!

5. Ideally you should store your keys in either a locker or safe that only you have access to

6. Ensure the cabinet is fixed to a solid brick wall for substantial anchorage and to make sure it cannot be easily removed

7. Secure your cabinet to the corner of the room to make it difficult for thieves to attempt to break in

8. Remember only you are responsible for your guns and making sure that unauthorised people cannot access them!

For more information please visit:

BASC http://basc.org.uk/firearms/firearm-shotgun-security-what-do-you-do/

GOV https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/117636/firearms-security-handbook.pdf