I am off to a simulated game day this summer, but last year I really struggled with them. I am an occasional game and clay shooter and I found the sheer number of clays coming over at once really off-putting. Also, my shoulder was killing me by the end of the day from the sheer volume of cartridges fired. Do you have any tips?

WILL EDWARDS replies: I really enjoy simulated game days with my team of Guns. They are a great social occasion with dear friends and superb practise prior to the game season. Here are my top tips for you to make the entire experience far more fun and rewarding:

1. Due to the volume of clays presented over you during the day, I would advise you to use a light 21g load. Trust me on this – there is very little felt recoil and you’ll be amazed at the range at which you will convincingly break clays.

2. Pace yourself. Don’t fire away like you’re trying to defend Rorke’s Drift. If you feel that it’s all getting a bit overwhelming, take a moment to compose yourself – break your gun, count to 30 and start again.

3. Pick out a clay in the sky and stick with it (providing it’s safe to shoot). Don’t be tempted to change your mind for another one. This is excellent practise for any game shooter as when partridge break out en masse they can criss-cross and mess with your head and before you know it 20 have gone screaming past you and you haven’t even got a shot off.