Shooting is a great, healthy outdoor activity for young people.

Shooting is a great, healthy outdoor activity for young people. It gives you the chance to meet new people, learn new skills, and get involved in the life of the countryside.

Many of today's shooters were lucky. They grew up surrounded by friends and family who were already involved in shooting. So they were introduced into the ways of the countryside, and taught about safe gun handling from an early age.

Today it can seem difficult to get into shooting if you don't have any family links. But it's definitely not impossible. With a bit of research and effort, you can find a shoot or club near you that will welcome the chance to encourage a young newcomer into the sport.

And it's well worth the effort! The shooting community is friendly and welcoming. You'll get plenty of encouragement, and the chance to get involved in all sorts of fascinating activities.

Perhaps you'll want to look into a career in gamekeeping and wildlife management. Maybe rough shooting is a hobby that you'll enjoy all through your life. Perhaps owning and working a gundog is your thing. Or maybe you're the competitive sort, with your eye on competing at clay pigeon shooting. With the 2012 Olympics coming up, Britain needs fresh new talent to help us win our fair share of the medals in the shooting events!

Want to find out more? A good place to start is by visiting a BASC Young Shots event - take a look at our list of upcoming events here .

You could go along to one of the many shooting grounds and clubs that cater specially for young shots, click here for a list, with contact details, to find the nearest one to you.

Get involved on the forums on this website, where you can chat to people your own age about their experiences, ask advice and share tips.

We'd also recommend joining the BASC Young Shots club, which gives you loads of benefits, as well as access to special BASC Young Shots competitions. It is a club entirely devoted to under-18s, and costs �20. To join, call 01244 573030, or visit

Young shots go fowling in Scotland!

Safari in Scotland gave six young shots (aged 14-18) the chance to experience two days' wildfowling in Aberdeenshire, the week before Christmas. Watch James Marchington's video:



The winners enjoyed two days of morning inland goose shooting and an evening duck flight. Read about their adventures here �

Safari in Scotland is owned by Andy Richardson, a professional pigeon and goose guide. For more info see the website and read Andy's blog here �

Win a cap!

Every month we award Realtree baseball caps for our favourite photos sent in by under-18 readers. The winners are printed in the magazine. Email your photo to: or post it to Young Shots, Sporting Shooter, Archant, 2 Jubilee Place, London, SW3 3TQ.