What would you say is the best sort of rifle to get that is accurate, not too expensive, but is good for taking out bigger species, for example foxes, and can also be used to take out smaller game as well, like rabbits?

DOM HOLTAM replies: I would say the best compromise here would be the excellent .17 HMR. As a rimfire round it is considerably cheaper to buy ammo for than a centrefire. It is safe (the frangible bullets make it much less likely to ricochet), flat-shooting and accurate out to well over 100 yards and delivers impressive stopping power for a small round. I would happily use this on foxes out to 100 yards and rabbits out to 120-140 yards.

CZ offer some very good value rifles in this calibre; the Browning T-Bolt is also pretty cheap. Personally, I use an Anschutz which delivers sub MOA groups and is very well made and reliable.